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Welcome to our web site. If you are interested in our activities, please contact the Secretary.

The club plays on the Lower Green at Norton Common, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

We cater for people who wish to bowl without the restrictions of serious competition. We are a friendly club and all members, whatever their bowling abilities, are given equal opportunities to play. 

Membership is subject to the approval of the committee.


Anyone, experienced or novice, who wishes to join, should contact the secretary on 01462 635810 or email simontory@ntlworld.com.    


  Our post code is SG6 4UE

Last Edited : 05 July 2019

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 I try to keep this up to date but at times fall behind. If you see a mistake or want me to add anything just email me. I now believe it is all up to date with competitions as well.  Cheers Andy


Game v Shephalbury


On a lovely sunny day we won two rinks but lost on two but finished up losing 49-60. However i believe it was an enjoyable afternoon.


Game v Buntingford


 Well i went into this game with my 100% record as Captain in tact. Yes i hadn't won a game. However that was to change as we all bowled well and we end up winning against a very social and enjoyable crowd by 77-46. My First WIN !


Game v Howards Garden


Again the weather defeated us this timebut if was because it was too hot and no parking available as everyone was at the swimming pool . There fore the game was cancelled


Cairns Cup


We played Holwell 2 rinks at home and 2 away. We Won 1 rink away by 1 shot (see below) and lost the other by 8 meaning we were 7 down. The home teams were pretty close but overall lost by 3 shots so we lost by 10 in Total.


Mikes Shot in Cairns cup!


We were losing by 3 on the final end with them holding shot about 9 inches in front of the jack when the Skips bowled. Looking at the situation I said to Mike 'You need to hit the jack (which he couldn't see) by about a quarter of an inch but only move it two feet six inches' to where we had 3 bowls sitting. Ok it was tongue in cheek but Mike bowled and hit it perfectly giving us 4 shots. So we ended up winning by one. Definitely the best shot i have seen.   


Game v Sandy


Unfortunately I got stuck at the hospital for this game and Gill Davey stood in for me. Brian Davey also picked up the captaincy and John Wigglesworth picked up me Brother. A good game by all accounts and a game in which we won. ( But I've forgot the score). Anyway well done and thanks to the three above for helping me out.



Hunstanton Trip


Well the coach arrived and we set off just after 0900 , Rose was already singing 'Oh i do like to be beside the seaside' (ok Perhaps she wasn't) But we set off in good spirits. We arrived just after 1130 , despite having to take a slight detour when the Coach wouldn't fit under a bridge. 


Our hosts met us and we were able to dump our bags in the clubhouse and most decided to have a snack at the Salad Bowl Cafe. Now I'm not sure if it was called that after a salad bowl or it was a play on words as the Bowls green was right next door.


Anyway suitably refreshed most then wandered down towards the town and on route taking in the beautiful gardens. Live music was playing in the Green and with the sun shining it made for a lovely experience.


We personally then had another cup of tea while some wandered into the town or just wandered. It was then time to get back for the Bowls game.


We fielded 6 teams and we kicked off at 1430. The Sun was still shining and it made for a lovely afternoon. We then had the traditional Tea and Biscuits afterwards. Unfortunately we lost the game 66-134 with our best results coming from Lesley's team who drew and Tricia's team who only lost by one.


Following on it was time for food again so again most had to have the traditional Fish and Chips before we had to leave. The Coach left about 1920 and we arrived back at 2125 having enjoyed Mike's and Tricia's Chocolates on the way home which they won in the raffle. We were also treated to sticks of rock each by our hosts who we should thank for having such a wonderful day.


We should also thank Tony for organising and Robin for taking the lead during the day and also captaining. I also understand that we have been offered the same fixture next year on Saturday 20th June so watch this space for news on that. Finally i took a few Pictures which can be found in the Gallary.  


Game v Whitethorn


Unfortunately The weather won again and the game was abandoned after two ends. The one bright note was that Jeff and Malcolm managed to get the tea and biscuits out early. Well done to them.


What happened to the wheathear


Your right its the worst spell of weather for ages meaning that The Games against Melbourne and Stotfold were lost. It also meant that the hospice evening was postponed but see below. Also the date for the completion of the Tembey and singles 1st round have had an extension to the 29th June. All Games to be completed by then..


Hospice Evening


Well the weather won here but instead of bowling Lynne organised a quiz evening with 5 teams taking part and it proved to be very successful. We had the normal food and raffle and ended up making over 145 for the Hospice. Well Done Lynne and thanks to the ladies who dished out the food.


Game v Melbourne 15th July 

Please note this game in now at Home Not Away as published


Change of Captains


Please note change of Captains for these games:-


June. 21st Fri 2.30 pm Royston BC Away Captain Paul Riseborough

July. 1st Mon 2.30 pm Buntingford BC Home Captain Andy Denniss

July. 17th Wed 2.30 pm Holwell BC Away Captain Robin Edmett

July. 27th Sat 2.30 pm Steeple Mo BC Home Captain Paul Riseborough

August 7th Wed 2.30 pm Sandy BC Away Captain Andy Denniss

August 22nd Thurs 2.30pm Stotfold BC Away Captain Robin Edmett

September 18th Wed 2.30 pm The Three Horse Away Captain Paul Riseborough



Game v Shepalbury


A good win was recorded against Shepalbury with us winning on three out of the 4 Rinks.Final Score being NHBC 70 Shepalbury 43


9th Game Result v Datchworth

Another close game by the sounds of it. We won on 3 rinks but lost on the 4th with the final score being NHBC 57 Datchworth 62


8th Game Result v Steeple Morden


Well we really turned up at this event. On a nice sunny day and some great hospitality from our hosts. We won on all 4 rinks as we triumphed NHBC 77 Steeple Morden 39. 


7th Game result v Three Horseshoes

This game was really close with Three Horseshoes just in front at tea. However Three Horseshoes were a player short on two rinks so losing a third of there score on these. This meant that the final score was our first victory with a score of NHBC 57 Three Horseshoes 54


6th game result v St Ippolyts


Unfortunately St  Ippolyts couldn't field a team so we had 4 teams of 3 playing each other on a league basis of 5 ends each game. The winners of the garden gnomes were Jim Mustoe, Guy Osborne and Gill Davey


2nd Social Evening Tuesday 14th May 


We Played Target Bowls which seemed to go down well. There were 12 teams consisting of 9 trebles and 3 pairs. We had a great evenings bowling with a Pair consisting of Paul Riseborough and Chin Tory winning the event with 107 points. The lowest placed team got 64 points and were awarded a wooden spoon each.


5th game result v Sandy


Sandy asked for an extra rink so we ended up with 5 triples. This time we were not to far behind at tea 42-49 and the first win of the season looked possible. It went to the final couple of ends in two games when we lost by 3 on each. One swing the other way , we might have won ! Anyway an enjoyable afternoon with the final score being 80-86.


4th Game result v Letchworth.


On a lovely sunny afternoon Letchworth led at tea by 21 Points (28-49). Unfortunately the tea didn't do us any good and we ended up losing 48-82.


3rd Game Result v Biggleswade


On the cold afternoon of Saturday we played Biggleswade and due to the coldness the game was reduced to 15 ends. Unfortunately we ended up losing. Final score Biggleswade 66 NHBC 33


2nd Game Result v Riverain


We were only 4 shots adrift after 11 ends when we stopped for tea and after it went wrong. However an enjoyable afternoon and Riverain made us feel very welcome. Final score Riverain 75 NHBC 57..


1st Game Result v Holwell


On a Nice sunny afternoon we played our first game of the season and narrowly lost. We were a player short due to a misunderstanding and won on 3 of the 4 rinks but the loss of a player meant a narrow defeat for the team.


                 NHBC           Holwell 

Rink 2       19                   11

Rink 3         4                   26 (player short)

Rink 4        17                  16

Rink 5        17                  13


Totals         57                  66


Fish and Chip Social.


For reasons that i cant remember the Fish and Chip Evening will now be held on Tuesday 13th August. Not the 2nd August.


Dates in Competitions


Ok I think the dates are all correct now, someone will tell me if not. The only change is that there will be no semi final's day this year. Instead all semi's need to be completed by the 2nd Sept.


This years planned events are:-


11/06/19 1800                            Hospice Evening

22/06/19 0900          Seaside Bowls at Hunstanton

20/07/19 1000                                         Gala Day

13/08/19 1800                   Fish and Chip Evening

07/09/19 1000                                      Finals Day

27/09/19 1030                              Chairman's Day


And new this year is a trip to the seaside to play Hunstanton. The coach has been booked and Rose has already commented "oh i do like to be beside the seaside" so exciting times ahead. A Notice is on the board at the club so please fill in as soon as possible.


Fixtures results

2018 Results were :- WON 9 LOST 15 DRAWN 1 Cancelled 11

2017 Results were Won 17 Lost 19 Shots for 2189 against 2366   



If people want there result put on the website or a short report of a fixture then please email me at andrew.denniss@virgin.net or text me on 07818 664274. If you phone and I'm out I'm bound to forget !!!!!!










On Saturday the 1st September this years Finals took Place. This Year Paul Riseborough was the organiser taking over from Basil Simpkins. Paul did an excellent job and continued the good work that Basil had done. Thanks Paul and helpers.




Malcolm Summerville, Andy Denniss and Mike Jeffreys Beat Gill Davey, Chin Tory and Basil Simpkins. At the halfway stage Mikes Team led 15-4 but a great fight back from Basils team saw the score at 18 each going into the final end. It was the same as last year with the result going to the final end but in the end the luck fell Mikes team way and they won 21-18 but a great game.. 


PAIRS Mike Jeffreys & John Wigglesworth Beat Tont Stone and Gill Davey


Singles Brian Davey beat Mike Jeffreys 21-12.


TEMBEY Andy Denniss beat Gill Davey 18-15.


HAROLD HARDY Paul Riseborough beat Simon Tory 2-1.


OVER 75's Jim Mustoe beat John Wigglesworth 12-7


2WOOD PAIRS Guy Osborne and Pete Moss beat ted Coe and Ben Rawlings 10-8


2WOOD SINGLES Guy Osborne beat Pete Moss 7-5.




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TRIPLES Chin Tory, Linda Clark and Roger Douglas beat Andy Denniss, Ben Rawlings and Basil Simpkins 16 shots to 15. The closest game ever, won with the last wood.

PAIRS Keith Stewart & Jim Mustoe

SINGLES Brian Davey

TEMBEY John Wigglesworth

HAROLD HARDY Paul Riseborough

OVER 75's Ben Rawlings

2WOOD PAIRS John Bush & Guy Osborne



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