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North Herts Bowls Club Welcomes to our web site. If you are interested in our activities, please contact John Atkinson on the number below or our secretary Mike Jeffries on 01462 893411

The club plays on the Lower Green at Norton Common, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

 Our post code is SG6 4UE


We cater for people who wish to bowl without the restrictions of serious competition. We are a friendly club and all members, whatever their bowling abilities, are given equal opportunities to play. 

Membership is subject to the approval of the committee.


Anyone, experienced or novice, who wishes to join, should contact John Atkinson on 01462 684914 or email casita.office@hotmail.co.uk


A few changes this year. We have listed the captains for each fixture , to see just go to the Fixtures list just below 

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Last Edited : 07 July 2024





Welcome to 2024


I'm keeping my little man for 2024.






Dates for your 2024 Diaries


Tue 16th July 1730 Fish and Chip evening Club
Tue 13th Aug 1800 Fund Raising Evening Club
Sat 7th Sept 1000 Finals Day Club
Fri 20th Sept 1000 Chairman's Day Club
Thu 10th Oct  1400 Autumn General Meeting Club
Wed 27th Nov 1200 Presentation Dinner Golf Club



So as you can see we have an exciting time ahead. I will endeavour to keep the website as up to date as possible with results, how the fixtures went etc but any suggestions for the website are welcome. 


Game v Melbourne 6th July


Well the rain abated, not sure if this was good or bad news as I think this was the strongest team we had fielded this year under my captaincy so i was optimistic about the result. However my optimism was short lived as despite winning the first end on all four rinks, we ended up with another hammering. I must say that I bowled like a novice and couldn't read the green at all, John said he had the same problem. However we had an enjoyable game against Melbourne and they said they enjoyed it as well as this is there only friendly they play because they like the friendliness of it. Jeff and co won on there rink but we lost heavily on the others.


Teams were

                                    Norman , Brian Hutchins and Jeff Tebbutt won 18-16

                                    Jill Minton, Tony Glenn and Andy Denniss Lost 11-29

                                    Mike Jeffreys, Linda Clark and John Atkinson Lost 14-22

                                    Sue Douglas, Chin Tory and Derek Gilder Lost 10-29                                                                      

                                                                Final Score 53-96


Season results P12  L10 D0 W2


Game v Shepelbury 5th July

Paul Says

Not a good result for NHBC today although it was a very pleasant afternoon for bowling at the Shepalbury Bowls Club. 

We lost on two rinks and won, narrowly, on one. 

                                                                                           Teams were
                                                  Stephen Field/Sue Douglas/Lynne Brown. Lost 5-29
                                                  Mike Jeffreys/RAE Glenn/Jeff Tebbutt. Lost 11-16
                                                  Sylvia Bachelor/Chin Tory/Paul Riseborough. Won 16-14

                                                                                        Final Score 32-59

Season results P11  L9 D0 W2


Game v Whitethorn 4th July


Lynne's report

Just after we started to play it started to rain we put on wet weather clothes , it didnt rain for long but rained on and off a couple of times but we managed to play the 18 ends. We lost on all four rinks so perhaps not our best game.


Teams were

                                    Sue Douglas, Rae Glenn and Paul Riseborough Lost 6-20                                                                         Stephen Field, Lynne Brown and Andy Denniss Lost 13-14

                                     Alan O'Mahony, Gill Crane and Brian Hutchins Lost 12-23

                                    Malcolm Summerville, Chin Tory and Derek Gilder Lost 8-25

                                                                Final Score 39-82


Season results P10  L8 D0 W2



Game v Howards Gardens 29th June

Well the weather had cooled down but still nice and warm so the captains decided on the full 18 ends. At tea we were losing by 5 so again a recovery was possible. Unfortunately the tea didn't make a difference and despite winning on two rinks, we lost heavily on the 3rd and Brian asked me not to say he was skip so i wont !. Anyway it was an enjoyable game but our winning streak is over. 


Teams were

                                     Gill Minton, Jill Crane, and Andy Denniss Won 16-15

                                     Sue Douglas, Chin Tory and Jeff Tebbutt Won 17-15

                                     Rae Glenn, Tony Glenn and Brian Hutchins lost 7-25


Final Score Lost 40-55


Season results P9  L7 D0 W2


Game v Buntingford 26th June


On the hottest day of the year so far we entertained Buntingford and the game was reduced to 14 ends due to the heat. At the halfway stage we were losing 16--18 with my team getting a hammering 2-11. Obviously the tea must have help because despite losing 3 on the next end to make it 2-14 we made an impressive recovery and ended up drawing 14-14 mainly due to the expert bowling of Jill and Rae.  One of the other games was close with us getting a  10-9 victory and in the other we won 12-6 for our second win on the trot against a very friendly Buntingford team.


Teams were

                                     Jill Crane, Rae Glenn and Andy Denniss Drew 14-14

                                     Stephen Field, Tony Glenn and John Atkinson Won 12-6

                                     Sue Douglas, Lynne Brown and Paul Riseborough won 10-9


Final Score Won 36-29


Season results P8  L6 D0 W2


Open Day 24th June


We had an open day on Monday and we had a good turnout of members and think that hopefully we have attracted three new bowlers into the club. Well done to John for organising and all the others who helped.

Game v Stotfold 13th June


Well the weather was still a bit Iffy for this game but it stayed dry until the last couple of ends so managed to get the whole game in . Now bearing in mind we still hadn't won a game this year, we went in for a lovely cuppa and some Cake (Left over from social) with two teams winning, One losing one and one drawing but we had a lead of 9 points so hopefully our first win was close.


It was as we managed to end up winning on all four rinks so congratulations to all players ! Stotfold were a friendly bunch to play against so lets hope the winning form continues.


Teams were

                                     Sylvia Batchelor, Chin Tory and Jeff Tebbutt won 16-15

                                     Malcolm S, Linda Clark and Andy Denniss Won 14-11

                                     Stephen Field, Rae Glenn and Brian Hutchins won 28-8

                                     Mike Jeffreys, ,Sue Douglas and Robin Edmett won 19-16

Final Score Won 77-50


Season results P7  L6 D0 W1


Gowls Hospice Charity Evening


On a not very hot and cloudy evening, we managed to play our game of Gowls with just a 5 minute shower. The winner was me and Pete Moss but that's not really important as the evening was to raise money for the Hospice. The Kitchen was manned by Ruth, Tricia and Joan and together they delivered a lovely Ploughman's followed by some superb cakes which were made by some kind volunteers, so Thanks to all of Them. Linda Ran the Raffle and we had a game of Sit-down bingo which enabled us to make a profit for the Hospice. Thanks also to Tesco for supplying a donation which gave us a Total Donation to the Hospice of ......




Thanks To all who helped , made a donation and to those attending.



Game v Shepalbury 6th June


Jeffs Report reads 

This is a result that I think would best be lost in the archives somewhere!!! It was a very enjoyable game against friendly oppostion but a cringeworthy score line. Congratulations to Bernard for his efforts in his debut game, but alas it was a defeat by 8 - 16 despite Mike Jefferys and my best efforts. Malcolm Sommerville, Rae Glenn and Robin Edmett had a tough game and lost 3 - 36. Sylvia Batchelor, John Wigglesworth and John Atkinson also struggled to a 13 - 24 defeat and finally Susan Douglas and Chin Tory played a pairs game and were defeated by a respectable 11 - 18 . Overall this translates to a 35 - 94 defeat. Hopefully not a club record.

I keep thinking it will get better each game, ever the optimist!!

Teams were

                                     Bernard, Mike Jeefreys and Jeff Tebbutt lost 18-8,

                                     Malcolm S, Rae Gleen and Robin Edmett lost 36-3

                                     Sylvia Batchelor, John Wiggs and John Atkinson lost 13-24

                                     Sue Douglas, Chin Tory  11-18

Final Score Lost 35-94


Season results P6 L6 D0 W0

Game v Datchworth 29th May


A quick report on todays game against Datchworth by Jeff. We are getting closer to that first win of the season, Stephen Field, Chin Tory and Derek Gilder lost 10-18, Rae Glenn, Sue Douglas and John Atkinson pulled back a half time deficit to win 16-14, Len Staples, Alan O'Mahony and Brian Hutchings lost 15-17, and Malcolm Summerville, Tony Glenn and Jeff Tebbutt won a close game 12-11. Well done to the winning teams. Overall we lost 53 - 60. It was a very enjoyable afternoon played in good weather and good company.


Teams were

                                     Stephen Field, Chin Tory and Derek Gilder lost 10-18,

                                     Rae Glenn, Sue Douglas and John Atkinson Won 16-14

                                     Len Staples, Alan O'Mahony and Brian Hutchings lost 15-17

                                    Malcolm Summerville, Tony Glenn and Jeff Tebbutt won 12-11

Final Score Lost 53-60


Season results P5 L5 D0 W0



Game v Three Horseshoes 23rd May


Following two days of torrential rain it was surprising how well the green had dried and although still slow , was perfectly playable. The day itself was not overly warm but pleasant enough with some wearing jumpers and others opting out. As for the game itself it was pretty even for the first few end before Horseshoes seemed to take control. On my Rink we were being hammered but CHIN delivered some excellent woods and even with me as skip we ended at tea leading 10-8. Not so good news on the other rinks as one losing 3-6 (must have been a tight Match) and the other losing 7-12 so overall at tea we were losing by 6. After a delightful cup of tea and some lovely Homemade shortbread (Thanks Sue) , we continued but it seemed to bring the best out of them as they held on to win by 8 shots. Looking at the scorecards i think every game was close for an enjoyable afternoon with a very friendly team from Three Horseshoes. So 4 games without a win but we are getting closer.


  Teams were

Rose Mitchell, Chin Tory & Andy Denniss  Lost 16-12

Ann Morris, Lynn Brown  & John Atkinson Lost 13-11

Stephen Field, Sue Douglas & Jeff Tebbutt Lost 20-18

Final Score Lost 49-41


Season results P4 L4 D0 W0

Game v Sandy 16th May


Unfortunately The weather forecast was correct so game postponed due to rain. 


Game v Letchworth 15th May


Typing this just prior to the game so lets hope for a win ! Well luckily the weather forecast was wrong and we had a nice sunny afternoon , apart from a 5 minute shower with our neighbours from Letchworth, At Tea we were just winning on one rink with skip John,, getting walloped on another, with skip Andy and giving out a walloping on the third with Skip Brian. It was mentioned that Johns rink were going to key but unfortunately they were unable to hold on with the other two rinks staying the same so a narrow defeat but we are getting closer to the first win.


  Teams were

Sue Douglas, Barry Boughton & Andy Denniss  Lost 23-12

Malcolm Summerville, Peggy Atkins & John Atkinson Lost 20-11

Stephen Field, Barbara Middleton & Brian Hutchins Won 20-10

Final Score Lost 53-43


Season results P3 L3 D0 W0


Social evening 14th May


Captain Jeff ran this evenings social event comprising of 4 teams of 3 bowling 4 ends each in each match with a point being awarded to anyone within 1 metre of the jack. After the rain it was unexpected to be on the green playing but it was ok but did get a bit chilly in the later stages. Jeff's team won with 47 points following a recount from Andy's  team who originally were declared the winners only to discover that Andy couldn't count !

Following on we headed to the clubhouse for some lovely hot soup and cake. Thanks to ladies for supplying this, it was great. Raffle donations were plenty full so Linda sold the tickets and prizes galore were won. Well done Jeff on a good organised event.


Bowl up 13th May


Worth a mention but on Monday we had six new potential members turn up and we gave some coaching and it seemed to go well.


Game v Steeple Morden 10th May


Today we put out a team of 11players to face Steeple Morden and some of the players were put in positions which surprised them. It was a beautiful day and the green was nice to play on. We had a mixed set of results and some of the scores do not reflect how close the games were. Congratulations to Jill Minton, Mike Jefferys and Tony Glenn for winning 14-12; and Sylvia Batchelor, Sue Douglas and Andy Denniss for winning 23-9 with Sue playing very well for her skip. Rae Glenn and  Pete Moss played a pairs game and lost by 22-9 and Stephen Field, Alan O'Mahony and Jeff Tebbutt also lost 23-9. Thanks to all the players for the good spirit in which they played the game and hope we do better in the return fixture, Report by Jeff.

Final Score Lost 66-55


Season results P2 L2 D0 W0


Game v Riverain May 2nd


After heavy overnight rain i half expected a call saying the game was off, but we didn't get,  so off we trundled to Riverain. As expected after the heavy rain the ground was well wet, and it was probably the wettest i have played on , making it difficult to reach the jacks for the not so strong players. In fact on my green the only legitimate jack was bowled on the 18th end ! but luckily the captains agreed on placing just after the minimum distance. By This time the Sun had come out and made for a pleasant afternoon with good company from the Riverain team. We trailed and at half time we were 43-11 down but a nice cup of tea and biscuits would obviously see us improve. It didn't and we eventually lost by 42 so a slight improvement.


Teams were

Mike Jeffreys, Rose Mitchell and Jeff Tebbutt  Lost 2212

Ann Morris, Sue Douglas and Robin Edmett Lost 22-6

Sylvia Batchelor, Lynne Brown and Andy Denniss Lost 24-8

Final Score Lost 68-26


Season results P1 L1 D0 W0


Game v Holwell 1st May

Unfortunately Holwell couldn't raise a side so the game was postponed.


Andys Quiz of Quiz's 


Our first social took place on the 30th April , 6 teams of four competed for the prize of 25. A very Close affair with Jeff Batty's team just coming out on top by just 1 point.

The rounds consisted of TV game shows and I think it went down well apart from the Music round, which i admit i got horribly wrong and made too difficult. Sorry about that. In the interval we were served Hot Dogs followed by Ice cream and strawberries , so thanks to Mrs D and helpers Lynne and Tricia, Instead of a raffle we did a 50/50 draw which saw Jeff Batty;s team win 34. so a good night for that table and thanks to Linda for selling the tickets.


Garden Cleanup

About a dozen hardy souls turned out to lay the ditch mats etc on a damp, but mostly dry morning. At the end it looked ready to go so thanks for your help.




















Due to the number of teams entering this year , the triples only had one league so it was decided the winner of the Competition would be the team with the most points having played all of there games.


Today (29/08) saw Brain Hutchings, Chin Tory and Derek Gilder become the 2023 triples competition winner finishing with 9 points to top the Table, Second place went to John Atkinson's team of Him, Tony Glenn and Mike Jeffreys, three teams finished on 4 points but goal difference meant Third team was Jeff Tebbutt, Linda Clark and Len Staples. Fourth were Andy Denniss, Lynne Brown and Malcolm Summerville. Fifth were Paul Riseborough, Tricia Jeffreys and Rae Glenn, whilst the wooden spoon went to Robin Edmett, Gill Crane and Sue Douglas finishing with 2 points. So Big Congratulations to Brian's team.




This game was between Myself and Peter Moss v Brian Hutchings and Mike Jeffreys.  A very close first 9 ends saw the score fairly even but a five on one end to Andy and Pete saw them take the lead and managed to hold on to the end to win 21-11.



I marked this game and after an even start John Atkinson took the lead from out chairman Brian Hutchings and despite his best efforts  Brian was unable to mount a recovery and John wnet on to win 23-7





This years finalists were Paul Riseborough and Chin Tory. Chin again continued her fine form that she has been in all year and gave Paul a tough game that but his experience managed to get a win 16-10.




Finalists - Andy Denniss and Robin Edmett
Each player has four bowls and the match is played as the best of three sets. The first player to score 7 wins the set.

The first set won by myself 8-3 and the second set went to a decisive end. Robin was bowling very well and when i put in a good wood, he seemed to be able to find a better one, Anyway at 6-6 in the second set i managed to get a lucky couple in to win 8-6 but a very good game of high quality. 


OVER 75's 



Finalists this year were Robin Edmett & Pete Moss. A repeat of last year ?
This competition is played over 12 ends with each player having 3 bowls each.
Pete said that this was closer than last year but with Robin bowling very well Robin was able to win the match 11-8




Finalists Rose Mitchell and Linda Clark v Steve Field and Jeff Tebbutt


The first to ten in the 2 wood Pairs and Steve Field in his first year with the club came out successful with Jeff winning 10-5. To celebrate his win Steve went on a four week cruise the next day, What will he do if he wins the singles ?





It looks like this was a good game with Simon Tory just edging out Gill Crane 7-4  






This game was played on Monday 11th Sept at 1430 due to fixture congestion on Finals Day. On a pleasant day Andy Denniss and John Atkinson fought it out for the Whitworth Trophy which is the winner of this years singles (John) v last years singles Winner (me).  Now after two ends it was 1-1 and then i took a 4 so a commanding lead, However John took a 3 on the next end and never looked back really as he sailed into a commanding lead and finished up winning 21-8. Normally i would say John had all the Luck but he didn't, he just bowled a lot better than i did so no complaints from me. Congratulations John.