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CLUB RULES (revised October 2007).


a) Pre-season, captains will produce team schedules, aiming to ensure all playing members have an equal number of opportunities to represent the club.

b) Representative matches will take precedence over club internal competition matches.

c) Members unable to play during the day will have priority when teams are selected for weekend and evening fixtures.

d) Captains will select Cairns Cup teams at the appropriate times.


Overall responsibility for running the competitions rests with the Competitions Sub-committee. All queries should be referred to them. They will monitor progress of each competition and ensure dead-lines for each round are met. In some circumstances they may award a ‘walk-over’ to ensure smooth running of a competition. In unresolved disputes the Club Chairman will adjudicate. His decision will be final. In those cases where an independent marker is required, it is important for the individual concerned to ensure that they are fully familiar with the duties of the role, as set out in the club’s guidelines for rink discipline. Draws for the following competitions will take place at the Annual General Meeting prior to which members should inform the Club Secretary as to which competitions they wish to enter by completing the annual questionnaire. Members should bear in mind that all finals will be played on FINALS DAY. They should have regard to their availability when entering their name, in order to avoid difficulty in accommodating dates within the competition timetable and fixtures schedule. In all singles and pairs competitions, it will be the responsibility of the first drawn member(s) to initiate contact with the second drawn.

TEMBEY CUP (Singles)

A singles knock-out competition. Each round will be played over 18 ends. An independent marker should be used.

DABINETT CUP (Club singles)

A singles knock-out competition. In each round the winner is the first to 21 shots. An independent marker should be used.


A pairs knock-out competition, each round played over 18 ends. Before the draw, captains will divide entrants into two groups, according to ability and experience. Pairs will consist of one entrant from each group.

OVER 75 Competition.

This shall be a knockout singles competition. Each game will be played for 12 ends using 3 woods. It shall be for members who are aged 75 years or over at 1st April that year and is intended to be commenced towards the end of the season. Exceptionally, associate members shall be eligible to enter this competition, which shall require no less than 8 entrants to proceed in any year.

HARRY ADAMS SHIELD (Triples Competition)

Before the draw, captains will prepare three lists of players, taking into account individual performances in the previous season, health problems, experience and other relevant factors. Each team will consist of a player drawn from each category.

Members of each team will decide playing order for each tie. They will also appoint one member to act as "contact" and notify the secretary of their identity within 14 days of the AGM selection of teams. It will be the responsibility of those contacts to liaise with each other within their league in order to enable arrangements for all the matches to be made and rinks booked as soon as possible. 

Stage one

Teams will be divided into two leagues. In each tie three points will be awarded for a win; one point for a draw. This stage must be completed by the date published in the fixture list. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the consent of the Competitions Sub-committee will teams not having completing their schedule be permitted to progress to Stage Two.

Stage Two

For the Semi-finals, the top team in League A will play the runner-up of league B and the top team in league B will play the runner-up of league A. The two winning teams will play in the Final on Finals Day.

All ties should consist of 18 ends and be played on the dates agreed between the teams’ contacts unless both teams agree to change the date. Non-availability of a team member will not be an acceptable reason for varying the date. A substitute should be used. 


Substitutes must be clearly identified on the scorecard for the game. Everyone playing in the triples competition is eligible to act as a substitute subject to the following guide lines:-

a) Players may substitute only for teams in a different league to their own except at the semi-final stage where substitution by a player whose team is no longer in the competition will be permitted. In any event, the substitution shall be only from within the same positional draw list.

b) No-one may substitute more than twice for a team.

c) Substitutes may not play as skips.

d) Exceptions to these guide-lines may only be made with the knowledge and approval of the Competitions Sub-committee.

No-show issues

Should a team member not turn up for a tie the game should NOT be re-arranged. After a delay of thirty minutes grace, play should proceed with the members of the ‘offending team’ playing four woods each. Members of the ‘non-offending’ team will each play three woods. When the lead of the ‘offending’ team has the jack, he will play his first wood and then the lead of the ‘non-offending’ team will play two consecutive woods. Each team will then deliver one wood alternately as normal. This order of play ensures that the skip of the ‘non-offending’ team will always deliver the last wood of the end. At close of play the ‘offending’ team will deduct 25% of its score (including decimal fractions). 

Harold Hardy Shield

At the end of the second round of the Tembey Cup and Dabinett Cup, ALL members not involved in the later stages of these two competitions may enter this Singles Knock-out competition.

Each tie consists of three sets. In each set the winner is the first to seven shots.

To determine sequence of play, players will toss a coin for the first end of the first set and then alternate at the start of further sets. An independent marker should be used.

Whitworth Rose Bowl

A singles match between the winner of the current season’s Dabinett Cup competition and the winner of the Dabinett Cup of the preceding season. The winner will be first to 21 shots. An independent marker should be used.


A minimum of four weeks will be allowed for completion of the first rounds of the Singles and Pairs competitions. A minimum of three weeks will be allowed for completion of subsequent rounds.

Dates for completion of each round will be published in the fixture list. Difficulties in meeting dead-lines should be taken immediately to the Competitions Sub-committee.


All semi-finals matches must be completed not less than 3 clear days before Finals Day.

On Finals Day there will be two competitions for those who are not finalists in the previously mentioned competitions. Members wishing to take part should notify the Captains at least three days before Finals Day so that draws may be made prior to the start of the programme.


A two wood singles knock-out competition. First to ten shots will be the winner in each tie.


A two wood pairs knock-out competition. First to ten shots will win each tie.  


A ‘Walk-over’ will be allowed only in Singles and Pairs competitions. If the opposition fails to appear on an agreed date or if competitors fail to agree a date, the Competitions Sub-committee should be notified immediately. A ruling will be made within three days.  


If a game cannot be completed, it should be continued at a later date by the same teams and the score carried forward.  


If inclement weather or darkness threatens at the start of a triples or pairs match, skips may agree the match be of only fifteen ends. This decision must be mutually agreed and taken before play begins. Otherwise the rule concerning Games not completed must be followed.

However, in Singles and Pairs matches, any game may be conceded if the difference in shots is irretrievable.

In all Pairs, Tembey Cup, and in the semi-Final and Final of the triples competition, an extra end should be played if scores are equal at the close of the scheduled game. Skips should toss for the option of taking the jack.


Completed score cards for all ties in all competitions should be signed by a representative of each side and placed in the box attached to the Club Notice Board. The cards will be collected on behalf of the competition sub-committee and a central record kept. The cards should be completed with the full names of all participants in order to avoid confusion from abbreviations or initials.


For representative matches, charity games, Finals Day, Cairns Cup games and district competitions, members will be expected to observe a dress code of white and grey, i.e. white above the waist, grey below. Subject to the discretion of the captain of the day, and to any general variation to these rules agreed by the Organising Committee, men will normally be encouraged to wear a white polo style shirt with an embroidered club logo.


Changes to these rules, otherwise than at a general meeting of the club, can only be made by the Organising Committee.


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