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It is the role of the marker to assist the players by ensuring that the game is played in accordance with the laws of the game and by undertaking the duties having regard to the following guidelines:

1. Stand at the jack end of the rink

2. Keep the scores at the end of each end.  

3. Centre the jack and place a full length jack 2 metres from the rear ditch.  

4. Ensure that the jack is not less than 23 metres from the front edge of the mat.

5. Stand at one side of the rink and to the rear of the jack.  

6. Offer no advice or comment unless expressly asked to do so by a player.

7. Indicate which bowl you believe to be shot only if requested to do so by the player in possession of the rink.

8. Chalk touchers immediately they come to rest, before the next bowler takes the mat.  

9. Mark the position of jack and touchers in the ditch when necessary.

10. With the agreement of the players, remove all non-touchers from the ditch and all dead bowls to the bank.  

11. Measure any disputed shots only on request from either of the players.  

12. It is for the players to agree the number of shots; do not move, or cause to be moved, either jack or bowls until each player has agreed the number of shots.

13. If unable to come to a decision satisfactory to the players, the marker shall call an umpire. If none has been appointed the marker shall select one. The umpire’s decision shall be final.  

14. Enter the score on the scorecard at each end and intimate to the players the state of the game.

15. When the game is finished, the marker shall ensure that the scorecard shows the full name of each player and secure their signatures on it. The card should then be placed in the box adjoining the club notice board.

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