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1 In this club it is regarded as important that your bowling should be a source of relaxation and pleasure. Enjoy the game but always act calmly, quietly, and in a friendly way (yes, even when the opposition has wicked in AGAIN!).

2 Do not openly criticise your opponentsí or colleagues efforts (itís your turn next!) 

3 Do not run on the green or its perimeter (even if tea has been called!).

4 When not in possession of the mat, stand well clear (behind) and do not distract the player about to bowl.

5 When playing as part of a team, carry out ONLY the duties allocated by your playing position (see below). Do NOTHING ELSE (except bowl well, of course!).

6 When at the head, stand well back and perfectly still when someone is about to deliver a wood - touchers should, ideally, be marked before the new bowler takes the mat or, failing that, immediately after the next wood is delivered, but before it arrives at the head.

7 During a match do not leave the rink to sit on the bank or a seat (unless feeling unwell - bowling a rubbish wood is no excuse!).


Each member of the team has their own duties, as follows:

No.1 Places the mat and casts the jack to the length requested by the skip.

Loosing side clears the head when the shots have been agreed, thus allowing opposing No. 1 to place mat with minimum of wasted time.

No2 Keeps the score on the score card and scoreboard. Confirms with opposite number from time to time.

Directs the Skip when at the head. Chalks Skipís touchers. After each end, agrees shots with opposite number and informs skips. Measures shots in dispute. NB No 2 must carry chalk and measure throughout the game.

Skip Advises No. 1 on position of mat and length of jack required. Centres jack.

Directs play of No. 1 & No. 2 and marks their touchers.

Before bowling, liaises with No. 2 about tactics.

Agrees remedy for any difficulty with opposing Skip (eg. Wood or jack accidentally moved).


Each member of the team has their own duties, as follows:

 No. 1 Duties as per Triples

No. 2 Keeps the score on scorecard and scoreboard

No. 3 Consults Skip on tactics and advises on their play. Marks Skipís touchers (and 1 & 2 if at the head with Skip). Measures or checks measurement of disputed shots. Agrees shots per end with his opposite number and informs skips.

Skip Duties as per Triples


There is only one place to accurately assess the number of shots by eye, that is from above the Jack, not from the

sides. If there is any doubt about the number of shots, do not convene a committee or invite general discourse on

the matter - get the measure out and avoid wasting time!

 It is the responsibility of a Skip to encourage their colleagues and to disguise any despondency arising from the

quality or consistency of play. Phrases to be deployed include: - "Good place", "nice green" etc. References to a wood being closer to its point of delivery than to the Jack, are best avoided.

Similarly, members of a team should avoid making reference to any tendency by the Skip to replicate their errors

in respect of which (s)he earlier had discretely indicated a small measure of dissatisfaction.

 Rink discipline is designed to promote orderly play, smooth progress of the game and efficiency in both time and

effort. Confusion can arise and time be lost if players interfere with each others duties.

 Have fun - nothing in this guidance is intended to interfere with that!

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